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Kids Craft Corner

Kids Craft Corner

Cup bunnies


Kids Craft Corner - Cups O’ Bunnies was modified from one created by former Artists in Residence Caroline Voagen Nelson and Soojin Kim.

Materials needed:

Paper, scissors, glue-stick, paper cups, & drawing utensils.


  1. Place the cup upside down on the table.

  2. Cut out an oval about the size of the cup. This will be your bunny's face. Glue it so that the top portion of the paper sticks up a little from the top of the cup.

  3. Cut out two small ovals. These will be the ears. Before gluing them to the top of the cup, color in a small oval in the center for the inner ear of the bunny.

  4. Draw on eyes and a mouth.

  5. Make it hop around the room!